There have been many new experiences in regards to technology for me in this class. Terms, apps and technology tools that I have heard others using and had no idea how to attempt to use them, were addressed and taught. I am so excited to have learned all of this technology. Bloggs were something I have read, but never new how to create and even imagine how I would use them. Now I can invision myself creating a blog and how I may replace the family Christmas letter with a blog or use a MTSS blog for coaches and colleagues. When I sent the link of my blog to my daughter, to say she was shocked is an understatement!

Photostory was the most fun for me to create. I never even knew this existed. My intent is to create a family photostory, hopefully in time to present at the next family event. I never considered myself a artistic creative person, but through the use of photostory, I feel like Angelica Houston as a director in my own movie.

Hard to believe but I have had a twitter account since August 2009. I have followed many but have only tweeted to vote for my favorite singer on the Voice. One may now see me tweeting all over the Chicagoland area and beyond. Watch out Kardasians!

As fun as these might be there are opportunities for teaching and learning for students and adults..What a way to promote engagement for students through the use of technology. This is the world they live in and it is important to evolve if you will from paper and pencil to the world of technology.

But all of this brings challenges. For me the largest hindrance , is time. Time to experiment. Time to create.

The other challenge is having working technology.. But beyond that, I am excited to get going.

B Bettis