I really enjoyed this class and want to incorporate many of the new technology resources that I learned.  The gems would be learning Edmodo, creating games, creating a PhotoStory, and creating a website for my classroom.  I also felt that Jessica was a great resource to bring into class because she gave some great ideas of how to bring blogging into the classroom.  Another gem for this class was the fact that you gave us time in class to work on the projects.  This was good because we were able to help one another.  This made the class less stressful than others.

My ops would be that the internet connection and speed was a problem and a frustration when I was trying to create my website.  There was a lot jam packed into 3 days and I personally did not like the Twitter, but I understand why I had to create one.  Lastly, I think using edmodo in my classroom has a lot to offer, so I would have liked more class time and instruction of how to use and set it up.