Dear Phyllis,

I am so happy that you were able to be our instructor for this Technology course. I appreciate that you respected our time with these classes.

For gems, I felt creating the Sites individual page was extremely useful and will be shared with my co-workers. I enjoyed working with my interactive page for my class, as it was based on the curriculum I teach. I certainly felt using Photo Story was another good tool for utilizing technology in the classroom. My own son has a project due this week, and I can show him how to use Photo Story to create his own video.

Personally for me, I am not into the Twitter account, as it is not something I am wanting to be involved in; however hearing the useful tips and understanding the policy of Twitter is very important. Especially with the number of students these days who have Twitter accounts, it is really appropriate to know how and what is going on in their lives.

Again, thank you Phyllis for all you do.

Betsy Kucz