This ESL class has been the most enjoyable of all of the ESL cohort classes. I was not looking forward to an all day Saturday class but the way you structured this class has been wonderful. I liked the combination of working on our reflections and assignments in class as well as collaboration with my classmates. Before this class I considered myself moderately literate in technology. I think that this class proved that to be true. I have used technology in my own class but this class has made me realize that I really need to step up the technology use in my own lesson plans. I liked that this class made me sit down and do some things that were outside of my comfort zone. I had wanted to make a web page for my class but had never taken the time to do so. What I found is that it is much easier than I anticipated to make a web page than I had previously thought. I plan to enhance the one that I started and use it with my students next year. After getting my students hooked up this year with their Google accounts and seeing how simple and helpful that has been I think a web page is one more way for the students and I to stay connected.

In addition to the web page I enjoyed working on games and a photo story as well. I have used power point games in the past and they are a simple way to add a fun quick review into your lessons. Consequently I learned that I have one more reason to be jealous of my fellow teachers who have smart boards. The games they have on their smart boards are amazing,interactive and super easy to make. They also seem to be really reliable. The problem I found with the power point templates that I worked with was that they are extremely temperamental. The photo story was something I had stumbled upon one time awhile ago on the computer. This class gave me the opportunity to learn how to use it. It was a fun and I plan to use it for my class and for personal use as well super easy and fun!

At first I was really opposed to having to open a twitter account. I do not do social media no facebook, twitter etc. I have enough trouble handling working, being a mom, and keeping up with two email accounts. Plus as a teacher I have seen so many negative consequences of Facebook. I was wrong I liked my limited experience with twitter. I plan to give it a try next year with classes but plan to keep it all professional. I did not think about the ability to make it a business only account. Thanks for this experience the best part is that I learned practical things that I can and will use in my classes.

Amy Kelly Miller