I thought I knew a lot of things about technology and how to create things online, however after taking this class I have learned more things. I learned how to create a website and then also how to add pages to a website. This is something that I always wanted to do but thought it would take a lot of time to create one.

Another thing that I was super excited to learn about was photo story. I never knew about photo story and how easy it is to create. Now I have a way to create stories for themes that I am doing in class but I can't find any books to go along with it.

I also enjoyed making the PBIS Family Feud game. Games are a great way for first graders to learn things and this is something I want to incorporate more into my class, now that my school has projectors to be able to display it. A hard thing with games and first graders is that they become very competitive and no matter how much you talk to them about it they still take it very personally.

I did learn a lot in this class and enjoyed doing the different projects, however I am still curious about how some of the things can benefit ESL students, especially when they don't have access to technology at home.

Melanie Nix