I have really enjoyed this technology class. I feel that I gained many ideas that I can now take and use in my classroom. I have been wanting to create a classroom webpage for a year now and just never found the time to sit down and actually do it. I was so happy to see that we were going to create one when I looked at the syllabus. The bonus was that it was much easier to create than I thought it would be. I can't wait to share it with all my students. I also enjoyed creating my photo story of my daughter. I had so much fun sitting down with her and watching it. She loved it! We re going to create one together with our Christmas photos. This is also something I can use in my classroom. It would be a great activity to use with my AVID students. They just created a lifeline and wrote a memoir. I can now have the students create a photo story to go along with these. It would be a great extension to the activity.

This class really gave me the jump start I need to integrate more technology into my classroom. The only downside is the availability of technology in the classroom. I do have a Smart Board and I'm very grateful for that. My students really enjoyed playing the Smart Board game I created. It's a great way for me to vary my bell ringers. However, if I had a laptop or tablet for each student to use I could do so much more with them.

Oh well...wishful thinking... maybe someday.

Samantha Lucchesi