This class has certainly challenged me. I have found it very frustrating, yet liberating. It has consumed a lot of my time trying to figure out how to set up and communicate on each assignment. However, I have learned a lot and I have grown because of it. I am more aware of the many types of social media and their application. One gem was discovering the many uses for technology in the classroom and the many ways to communicate with my students. Another gem was the flexibility of the class. Having time in class to explore and practice setting up our assignments contributed to the collaborative dynamics of our class. A final gem was the creation of projects I can take back and use immediately with my students. I really liked creating a game that I used with my students immediately. It provided insightful feedback on my instruction that might not be obvious through paper and pen testing.

This class was very beneficial to me. I only have two ops to recommend. One op is to have meet in a location where the technology is more reliable. This site was very conducive to a large group, but unreliable technology made it difficult to understand at time. Another op would be to have written directions for those of us (me) who are technology challenged at times. I would have like to have had something in my hand when I was navigating through assignments alone in quiet isolation. This would also be beneficial in the future when I try to update and redo my pages. All in all, I have gained a great deal of helpful ideas and confidence in using technology from this class. Thank you.

Sherrie Moscato