I enjoyed getting to learn about and experiment with some new (to me!) forms of technology in this class!


-Learning about Gamification. This is a whole new way to look at playing games :) I already have a list of games I want to research and explore, and I'm hoping to find others along the way! Move over COOL MATH GAMES :)

-Learning how to do Photostory. While I do still have quite a bit of learning to do about Photostory, like how to change the color of the text and how to add audio, this was a great introduction to how to use it. I'm already thinking of having my students use this to identify and re-tell the elements of a narrative in their silent reading books.

-Creating an interactive game- I created the Jeopardy game for Greek and Latin word parts as a review of Units 1-4. We played it in class, and the students LOVED it :) They are asking me to create more review games and are even asking other teachers to create games as well. As a bonus, overall the grades for their test were really good. Should I credit the Jeopardy???

OPS: The only thing I would have maybe liked would be to have written instructions on how to navigate Photostory. I really liked being able to work on these things in class, though, so we could get immediate answers to questions!

Helen Cook