Dear Phylis,

As you know I am technology resistant in my heart but must be technology aware to exist in this world. So for me, this class was about mixed feelings.

Thank you for being patient as we stumbled our way through these assignments. I learned so much!!!


Putting the photo story together was fun, and since i perseverated on it, it became way too complicated! But I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and can now give my students another presentation option.

I also appreciated the time to work on a website. I knew that I needed to get going on that, but I would not have made the time without this class. I hope this one will serve me until the day I decide to retire. This site should grow and prosper.


Twitter was a revelation! When I made the account and it instantly connected me to people I knew (even before I okayed my contacts from Yahoo), I freaked out! Every connection was obscure and distant but relevant. I usually try to fly below the technological radar because I don't want some angry student in my business, but now I can't deny that the web knows much more about me than I thought. I admit that if I had more time for this, I actually appreciated the tweets from Time. However, as I felt myself being sucked in and wasted at least 2 hours of my life, I knew it had to go!!! Sorry, I deleted the account as sure as I knew you had seen my tweets.

Obviously, the frustrations with the technology itself were irritating. You had no control over that.

But I leave this class with a web page, a photo story and a blog, and I actually understand how to use them, so I consider this a big win. Thanks so much!!