Final Class reflection

This class was frustrating and challenging for me. That is because of the very nature of technology really frustrates me. I am very impatient and I do not have the personality that is interested in messing around to try to figure things out. I want very specific step by step directions and I need the directions to be perfectly written, If one step is missing, I panic. It was also frustrating that so much was going on at one time. When there wasn't directions or an agenda posted in the front of the room, I felt really lost. What would have been very helpful for me is if there was a class syllabus with the day broken into hours of what exactly we were doing and when. Also, I needed directions on how to do everything. I cannot just jump on and mess around. For example, in the second to last class, I only found out what we were supposed to be doing by overhearing another table talking. People were working on websites and I didn't even know how they knew to do that or how they knew how to get to the place to create the website.

That being said, what was helpful was the email that was sent before the last class that you would have an area for people who needed help, to get the help we needed so this reduced my anxiety. I do thing it was very important that I had to learn these things and the struggle and frustration is part of the learning. Technology is here to stay and I have to keep plugging along at learning how to use it. The interactive game and photo story are things that I will implement into my classroom. The website is very important so I am happy that we had to do that. So, the nature of the class- being technology was difficult for me but I am happy that I was forced to take the time to learn these things.