I thought this class was great! I had learned a lot of useful tools that I can implement in my classroom for better communication with parents. Since I teach Kindergarten, not many kiddos could use these tools, but the parents always appreciate more means of communication.

The blog was the most useful for me, it is an excellent means of reflection since I decided to do mine as an expressive experience of my first year teaching in two completely different schools.

The game is going to be loved by my kiddos and I'm really excited to play it with them. They are going to completely go nuts. I'm glad I now have the know-how and the tools to help me create games in case I do end up switching grade levels.

The website will be most welcome by my kids' parents. They are always looking for ways to keep informed and stay up to date on the classroom happenings. I feel the same way about the twitter account too.

I loved that there was time allowed for us to work on these projects in class with our peers. It really helped to gain a deeper understanding of the technological concepts that may have otherwise been foreign to me.

I honestly do not have anything negative to say, other than the class being held on a Saturday.....

Have a WONDERFUL break!!!