Gems: Edit

Every single activity we did, including the articles we read, were directly related to our instructional planning, student and parent communication, and creative and innovative ways to assess student learning.

I learned SO MUCH from this class!!! I would venture to say that this was the best class I have ever taken in my entire university career!!! (undergraduate and graduate!)

Overall, I thought this class was well worth every penny we spent on it... and then some! I was only able to attend two out of the three Saturday classes and I was still able to learn so much that I can, and already have applied to my classroom!!!

Ops: Edit

I would only make two, very small suggestions for improvements...

First, if it would be possible, it would be very helpful for some of us (myself included) to have access to handouts to refer back to what was taught in class. While I might be able to breeze through something WITH everyone, when we are all following along with step-by-step instructions, I will admit that I often cannot duplicate the same steps when back at home.

The second suggestion is something that you cannot personally do anything about... but, when we are taking a technology course, it does get quite frustrating when the technology is really slow, kicks you off frequently, or just doesn't work at all. I will say that you did a very good job of being quite flexible with your instruction, Phylis, when technological issues came up. You always went with the flow and kept a smile on your face! Thank you for that!!!