Final Reflection of the Technology For ELL course.

I was apprehensive about this course, first I am not that savvy at all things techy. I know how to do what I need to do in my job, but beyond that I am really not into technology. I have a facebook, I can create a power point, but that is about it. Some days I wish I was up on the latest....twitter, wiki pages, blogs, etc, etc....but I was too leary to try it at home on my own and the technology in school is not always dependable. So I just waited. Then this class started.....

At the first class, we had to go to the Word Craft World blog and leave a post.....what???? But I was able to jump back and forth from the articles to the blog and leave comments!!! Yea! It was a small step in the right direction! I know, more advanced techy people are rolling their eyes right now, but it was an accomplishment for me. So I think for me, one gem was certainly having my computer here and having people around me that could walk me through this new experience. It was a safe place to figure it out. Thank you!

Then I became very brave because we had to make a blog. I had to think outside the box and learn how to make it, use it and how to get my students involved. Then it was an online game, Photo Story, then a website, then twitter!!!! The requirements of this course were huge gem!!! I would have not attempted any of these things if it had not been part of this course. So for me, having this class and being in a positive learning environment, I feel very good about using more technology in my own classroom and with students.

The only "OPP" I would suggest is that this class be longer. (I know, imagine!) If we had done the Wednesday evening with this course, I think we would have done one new thing each night, instead of several things in one day. I left each Saturday on brain much to think about and so much to digest. But it was good!!!

Overall, this was a great class. The instructor was very understanding with beginners to advanced in one class. She was also very kind about knowing that we all work full time and are doing this class on our own time! This class will change my future as a teacher and a person!!