Forever a student! This class has taught me how to better integrate technology into my classroom. I enjoyed connecting on Twitter. I like being able to access various educational tweets as well as some entertaining tweets. I also appreciated learning how to use Google Sites to create a classroom web page. I will be adding to this web site as it is a work in progress, but at least for now my students have the ability to get to some very valuable information regarding class expectations and resources in one, very neat, and self-contained spot. Also, my students enjoyed the Photo Story I created. I got some ideas from others in the class on how to integrate this into my classroom which was much appreciated.

I had difficulty not being able to use my Mac in class. I found that disappointing. I also found connectivity with the wireless internet to be a struggle even with my laptop provided by the district.I feel certain that I will "catch up" with technology, though. I can see that they are wiring my classroom so that very shortly I should have the ability to connect quickly. When this happens I will be able to use the knowledge I gained during this class to fine tune my teaching and better integrate technology into my classroom.

Barb Wintczak