I have always considered myself a decently “tech savvy” person, but this experience has opened my eyes to many things.  1. Maybe I am overconfident in my technological skills.  2. There are an endless amount of technological resources and tools out there. 3. Incorporating technology into instruction is a time consuming and complicated process. 

Overall, I have learned an immense amount about technology through this class.  My head is spinning with ideas on how I can implement this into my own classroom. For me, I think it will be focusing on one task and really implementing it with fidelity. Through developing a class website, I can begin to build and connect other resources and technological pieces that can be accessed via the site. Ultimately, some of the “Gems” that I plan to incorporate this year, will be again, the website, the blogspot, and gamification ideas to some extent.  I also was really drawn to the idea of using Twitter with the students to connect with professionals and established authors.

Education and technology are going to be more and more synonymous and intertwined as time progresses.  It is time to jump on this sailing ship or drown. The incorporation of technology captivates, motivates, and elevates our students and allows them to take ownership of their learning. It is more important than ever to make sure they have the skills that will allow them to succeed in the real world, so we need to not only use technology in our instruction, but guide the students on how to create and use technology.

Playing off what Phylis mentioned, an “Opp” for the class would definitely be to have more accessible internet and less firewall complication.  Turning it into a “Gem,” it did allow us to learn how to combat similar problems when they arise—and we all know, they will arise.  Ultimately, I took quite a bit from this class and am very excited to utilize what I have learned to become a more effective and engaging teacher and to help my students evolve as learners.

Jamie Sullivan