·         This was, by far, one of the best classes! As we all know, technology has become crucial to best practice teaching. Providing our students with the best tools and practices in order to be successful in the classroom as well as out of the classroom is one of our goals as educators. Most of us are doing everything we can to embrace technology and learn how to bring it into our classrooms. It is my belief that those who aren't moving forward with technology probably aren't doing so because it can be daunting.

·         This class provided an incredible avenue to learn about "new" technology as well as practice and implement. I've been wanting to create a classroom website forever. It sounds silly to say that. Again, technology can be daunting. I now feel secure to implement the site in my classroom as well as share it with my students' parents.

·         I also loved learning about gamification! I would love to be able to create a "Classroom Community" in which all students have avatars, jobs, tasks, curriculum, etc. Maybe that will be a Summer task!

·         I loved the opportunity to work with everyone!  Being able to share ideas, ask our fellow techy classrmates (Thanks, Tom!) questions, etc. was invaluable!


·         I found all of the information a bit overwhelming, but that does not mean I didn’t love it!  I wish this class was a few weeks longer.