Let's face it I was terrified of taking this class!!! I am a technophobe, I look at a computer and it pretty much goes haywire. The funny thing is the tech Goddess must have been looking over me because I always cleared the first hurdle at the start of class of getting online without a problem. I truly amazed myself by the things I could figure out how to do on my own.

The Digital Story had easy to follow directions and could be used in class with just a little effort. These stories can open up a lot of avenues for my ELL students that may have heard a word or about a place but need to see practical use of it. Digital stories are and easier and cheaper way of books for students to read. Yesterday I realized my students didn't know any nursery rhymes but if we did a photo story with them reading the rhymes they would remember them and it would help with rhyming patterns.

The templates with the games could easily be created with my regular students as review plus giving them ownership of the game and having to explain the instructions to the class would help them.

Twitter was a no brainer for class, the blog was a little harder and I will have to play with it more. Creating the web page was so easy and a really good way to get information to students and parents.

The only problem was the glitches we ran into with so many people using their laptops at one time but I must say I did enjoy this class and I learned a lot of useful information.

Roxanne Johnson-Bennett